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The Unfurling of Narah Valenska is the story of my life since my divine appointment with high-school acquaintance Steven Charles Dorber, Jr. in October 2008 after 20 years of not seeing one another since graduation. It covers, in general, the time and circumstances that led up to the 18 months we spent together before he passed on from cancer on April 19, 2010 and, in full detail (texts, e-mails, letters, calls), those 18 GLORIOUS months which, in all their joy AND despair, led me to a real, true relationship with God and to the real, true me as Steven taught me about, and filled me with, real life and love before going back Home.

Steven Dorber and Narah Valenska Smith - Onward With Life and Love - www.NarahValenska.com - #BeTheRealYou - Writer - Author

Steven Dorber and Narah Valenska Smith – Christmas 2009 – 4 months before Steven’s passing

The book tells of my “perfect” life as I knew it coming undone in order for me to become the person God wanted me to be while being there for someone who needed help in completing his life with the dignity and love we all deserve.

It is the account of a very comfortable yet equally incomplete life coming to a standstill at a most unexpected time by even more unexpected circumstances.

It is the coming together of myriad loose ends in my life, some which I was aware of, some which I was completely oblivious to even existing at all.

It chronicles the making of the decision – in spite of utter, sheer fear – to own the moment of healing and transformation before me with only ONE thing being crystal clear: that I had to leap into the unknown in order to answer the call to fully trust God and come to know Him in a much deeper, more intimate, personal way than I could’ve ever imagined was possible – through Jesus Christ – so that I could come to know myself as the true, full potential I was created to be.

I am humbled and grateful for my journey and pray you are stirred to connect to real life through the Him as well if you are so compelled so that you may find out what you were truly, fully created for.

With all my love,
Narah Valenska

Please proceed to the book here … The Unfurling of Narah Valenska … Enjoy, thank you & may God bless YOU on YOUR journey just as abundantly as He blessed me!










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